Web Services & Dynamic Internet Solutions

The internet is littered with static-HTML web sites that say, "We know how to build dynamic internet services." The challenge for a customer is to figure out if it's the shoemaker's dilemma (so busy fixing shoes for other people that they walk around in bare feet) or is it something else?

illumineX builds and deploys real, live Web Services based on WebObjects, XML, SOAP, and Secure HTTP. As a premier WebObjects solution provider, we know the technologies Web Services are built on. Even better -- we don't just say we know about Web Services -- we use them every day in our own business.

Real, Live Web Services

Every illumineX software product for Mac OS X uses Web Services to deliver a seamless and secure internet purchasing experience for our customers. Secure purchase is immediately followed by automatic license installation: "Look, Ma! No Browser!" Our customers get hassle-free licensing. We don't get paid if it doesn't work.

Dynamic Web Solutions 'R' US

Perhaps out of sheer necessity, we apply dynamic web technologies in a meaningful way to our own site.

The illumineX site employs WebObjects, Java, XML, SOAP, and Secure HTTP to provide:

  • customer self-support for registered users of our software,
  • an online store for customers who are more comfortable doing their web shopping in a browser, and
  • our own postcard section, to help build our brand recognition and draw customers to our site.

We even use QuickTime in a meaningful, targeted, and cost-effective way, focused on business objectives. QuickTime adds a bit of flash to the site -- no pun intended -- but it's focused to attract attention to our software products. It's business-focused glitz, not glitz for it's own sake.


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Our developers have used internetworking technologies since before the birth of the commercial internet -- we didn't invent it, but we recognize a good idea when we see it. We use internet technologies to build our own business, and we can use them to help build yours. Feel free to explore our Services section for more information.

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iPhone front

illumineX can help you build iPhone applications for internal enterprise use, or for consumer use.