WebObjects Development Services

In addition to all things Java, we offer a variety of special WebObjects development services. Development frameworks come and go, and we have used a lot of tools over the last couple decades. WebObjects remains one of our favorite development frameworks. Altough Apple no longer markets the product (they give it away for free) it remains the engine behind the online Apple Store, the iTunes Music Store, Mobile Me, and other services. WebObjects 5 is 100% Pure Java. It's powerful, elegant, and effective. WebObjects features a deployment runtime license which is free -- and a lot less expensive than the competitive frameworks like WebSphere and WebLogic.

For WebObjects, there is no project too large -- and perhaps even better -- almost no project too small.

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Automated Unit Testing / JUnit

We can help you retrofit existing WebObjects/Java projects with JUnit. As your project is enhanced over time, the automated testing harness will help keep errors down and customer satisfaction up.

Jump-start / Immersion for Agile Development in WebObjects

If you're starting a new project with WebObjects, or want to begin using Agile development methods, it's often useful to "seed" the initial project with some experienced developers and architects. The problem is, where do you get the "seed" when the technology is new to your team?

We can bring a pre-formed team, proficient in using WebObjects and Agile development methods, to your location. Or, if you prefer, you can bring your team to our site and work together to jump-start your project. A jump-start session of a few weeks can get your team up to speed quickly, and your project on a solid foundation early on.

Migration to WebObjects 5 / Java

If your applications were written in the pre-Java days of WebObjects or OPENSTEP Enterprise, we can help you migrate to the modern n-tier WebObjects 5.

Web Services

WebObjects is one of the best ways to deliver Web Services -- we use it to build the web services that run our own e-commerce software registration system. It's flexible, high-performance, reliable and standards-based.

WebObjects Hosting

We work with world-class ISPs to provide you with the full range of support you need to host your WebObjects-based application services.

iPhone front

illumineX can help you build iPhone applications for internal enterprise use, or for consumer use.