Jumpstart Your Project

Is your project too strategic to outsource?

Don't have time to recruit or build Java, Web Services or WebObjects skills in house before starting development? You may be looking for an enterprise co-sourcing partner.

illumineX can help you reduce the risk of your first Web Services project by helping plan a project, create a sustainable design, develop, test and deploy the initial application, and develop the skills in-house to maintain it. We can help you with the entire development process for an application, including:

  • needs assessment
  • lifecycle planning
  • application design (Java, WebObjects, Web Services, SOAP, XML, etc.)
  • development, testing, & deployment
  • automated build processes
  • automated unit testing
  • staff training plans
  • technology transfer: e-commerce, B2B, XML, Java, WebObjects

When we partner with a client, we bring unrivaled expertise in process analysis and redesign, as well as object oriented software design to the table.

iPhone front

illumineX can help you build iPhone applications for internal enterprise use, or for consumer use.