Co-Located XServe Hosting since 1998

If you need to manage your own XServe hosts you can still take advantage of the world class network we bring to our Dedicated Server and Shared / Virtual Server XServe customers through our XServe co-location service. Your servers will be installed in our VISI location, and benefit from the same redundant, high-capacity network, uninterruptible power supply and secure facility as our own servers.

Full Control

You have full control over your XServe system. The software you run on your XServe and the configurations are entirely up to you, and managed by you. We provide you with the co-location service your looking for, with a few added touches that make our service industry leading for any platform.

Hardware Support

In addition, our XServe co-location service includes on-site hardware support beyond mounting it into the rack. We even maintain Apple Care Service Parts Kits for the XServe on site.

OS Upgrade Support

Support is available for major upgrades of the operating system.

Standard Features

  • world class network with redundant OC3 & DS3 backbone connections
  • secure co-location facility
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply & generators )
  • network monitoring
  • WebObjects migration support (to the latest version)

Bandwidth Options

For the best value, your system can share a network connection with our Shared / Virtual Servers. Dedicated router ports are available, too, offering highest performance for the most demanding sites.

Miscellaneous Services

We can also provide assistance with application development, WebObjects migration and upgrade assistance, and troubleshooting for Mac OS X, XServe, and WebObjects. See the Services section of our web site for more details.

Powered by UNIX

Options for hosting platforms include Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X. These high-performance UNIX based systems are reliable, secure, and manageable.

Fully Managed

We'll manage all aspects of your WebObjects application, including installation of upgrades for the application and WebObjects application server. Fully managed customers do not have logon access to the host servers, and are hosted on separate servers from self-managed customers.

Customer Self-Managed

You can manage your own WebObjects application on a cost-effective shared server farm. We'll maintain the Operating System and the server hardware, and we'll be around if you need assistance with application migration to newer versions of WebObjects, or whatever.