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Infinity Game PaX

“I guess the previous management didn't like games. The current management really likes games.”

-- Steve Jobs, circa 2002

The illumineX Infinity Game PaX presently includes seven games for Mac OS X.

Each game includes different game-play worlds, and different graphical themes, so each game is actually several games in one, for only $9.99.

The entire game pack normally costs $29.95, but is on sale now for only $19.95. Buy now, while supplies last!

  • BabelBloX - shatter colorful glass tiles and clear the field
  • MarbleX - falling marble triads (highly addictive)
  • RoX - asteroid invasion game with killer sound effects
  • MnemoniX - a memory workout of hidden tile matching
  • HextriX - falling hexagon-based shapes (challenging)
  • RuniX - restricted-path tile-matching (race the clock!)
  • HoppiX - hop over marbles to remove them from the board


  1. BabelBloX and the rest of the Infinity Game PaX run only on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or higher. They probably don't run at all on older versions of Mac OS X.
  2. You probably cannot overdose on fun!

illumineX takes arcade and puzzle games to the next level of computing, and beyond!