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When I first conceptualized mCards, I could not imagine finding a group that could take that concept and turn it into finished product. After talking with several companies, I enthusiastically chose illumineX because of their instant understanding of the power and grace of such an application. Imagine letting your visitors send a visual of your product to another like minded individual with a personalized message. This way the brand of your company and/or products is promoted indirectly. By nature, people would much prefer to receive an email from a friend or family member instead of a company hawking their products. This is the true essence of viral marketing.

Working with illumineX throughout the outline process, to the beta process and to the deployment process was a real pleasure - sincerely. There were no excuses. There was just action. When tweaks needed to be made, they were made in a timely manner. In fact, illumineX proactively made tweaks before I even had a chance to comment on them. Their consistent tweaks and deployments were a welcomed change from the world of other developers who regularly miss deadlines, miss budgets and misinterpret desired changes or improvements.

The illumineX team is very professional, fast acting and very talented. No application development effort could have been smoother. I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone - anytime.

illumineX's efforts have allowed mCards at to be a smashing success. Thousands of mCards have been sent on behalf resulting in increased traffic and ecommerce sales.

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illumineX's iXCards is the retail application of mCards. I would run, not walk, to your keyboard or phone to call illumineX to have this system deployed on your web site. It will add to your bottom line. And the price is a steal. Compared to the cost of implementing a custom solution -- there are no other comparable off-the-shelf packages -- illumineX's price of $7500 is unheard of. Even if you are small company, iXCards is a terrific way to have your customers promote you. It will be the best marketing money you have ever spent.

I am looking forward to using illumineX again on other custom applications.

Damion Michaels
Web Development Team
Emeril's Homebase
New Orleans

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illumineX can help you build iPhone applications for internal enterprise use, or for consumer use.