Privacy Policy

illumineX does not sell, trade or share your personal information to anyone else, ever.

Green Eggs & SPAM

Do you sell our names to SPAM?

We do not sell them, Customer I Am.

We do not sell them in a house,

We do not sell them

to a louse.

We do not sell them low or high,

At no price may a spammer buy.

We don't keep your credit card number around in our system longer then absolutely necessary to complete your purchase safely. This may be slightly less convenient for you, as you might need to type in your credit card number again if you purchase another product later. However, standard industry practice of keeping all of your credit information on file, for years after you make a purchase, has resulted in identity theft, when web servers are compromised. This simple practice keeps your credit card data safer.

ESellerate (ecto 3 sales)

illumineX uses the ESellerate ecommerce engine for ecto 3. The ESellerate data retention practices might be a little different than ours, but they have a good track record in both privacy and security.

iTunes Application Store (iPhone application sales)

illumineX uses the Apple iTunes Application Store to bring you iBlogger and other applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. The privacy and data retention policies are the same as those used by the iTunes Music Store.