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People, Process & Technology

illumineX is a customer-focused software development firm. We work with you using modern, robust and scalable internet technologies to help you meet your business objectives. Our team has extensive experience developing large scale distributed systems using Agile development methods. Our services include:

  • WebObjects Development
  • WebObjects Consulting (deployment, performance tuning, etc.)
  • WebObjects Hosting
  • Java Development (J2SE, J2EE, JSP, WebObjects)
  • Web Services (Java / XML / SOAP)
  • Mac OS X Development
  • Objective-C Development
  • UNIX Development & Consulting

We apply people, process, and technology to help you meet your business objectives. We can help you develop applications to support virtually any business need or process, and reach any internet users or customers, regardless of whether they use Windows, Linux, or Macintosh computers at home or at work.

Since we apply the same techniques and tools in our own software business, we know the difference between:

  • a baker (people)
  • a recipe (process)
  • a mixer (technology)

We also recognize that you might use those in combination to add cookies to your product line, with an eye toward increasing revenue from new products -- a business objective.

Applied to Your Business Objectives

We keep your objectives in mind throughout the project lifecycle. We find that thinking about your business drivers helps keep a project focused and helps uncover hidden requirements. Is your primary project objective to attract new customers? Then it might makes sense to shuffle the development schedule a bit to add a newly requested feature in time for a sales presentation to that hot new prospect.

Your underlying business objectives may be something like these: The software solutions that help you reach your goals might be something like these:
build new revenue streams create an e-commerce web site
capitalize on investment in legacy systems web-enable access to mainframe data
increase revenue from existing services workflow and performance optimization
strengthen security of corporate data migrate web services from IIS/ASP to Apache/Java
bring new services to market build a custom application to support mission critical processes
boost brand recognition and loyalty add dynamic elements to existing web site
raise operations efficiency automate data flows between existing corporate systems
improve customer service deploy a customer self-service application for obtaining an RMA number
increase customer satisfaction add a satisfaction survey to your e-commerce web site

Solutions for an Information Age

A solution is more than just an application, so you'll find us often asking questions about the underlying business needs and requirements. We want to make sure that the work we do for you contributes to your bottom line.

We can work with you to develop applications based on Web technologies, for use on the web or in-house. We are happy to work on joint projects, to help your organization build the Web development and e-commerce skills needed in today's dynamic internet climate.

When we partner with a client, we bring unrivaled expertise in process analysis and redesign, as well as object oriented software design to the table. (Building a new application around a broken process wouldn't be very helpful.)

Call or send us email to let us know how we can help your business.

iPhone front

illumineX can help you build iPhone applications for internal enterprise use, or for consumer use.