Return Policy

All illumineX software products for Mac OS X include either a free trial mode or a demo license key, so that you can try before you buy. All sales are final upon issuance of a registered license key for a product.

Our secure on-line registration system automatically detects most cases of accidental re-purchase by the same person on the same system, and fulfills the re-order as a key request at no charge. In the unlikely event of accidental duplicate purchase, the extra charge can be voided or refunded. Refunds are granted only for accidental re-purchase. Refunds are never granted for any other reason.

NOTE: Purchase of any illumineX software package entitles you to free upgrades to all new versions, both major and minor updates, for a full year following your purchase.

ESellerate (ecto 3 sales)

illumineX uses the ESellerate ecommerce engine for ecto 3. We employ the same policy of no returns, no refunds for ecto sales at ESellerate .

iTunes Application Store (iPhone application sales)

illumineX uses the Apple iTunes Application Store to bring you iBlogger and other applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. We employ the same policy of no returns, no refunds for iPhone application sales.