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Featured Clients

We've done cool stuff for lots of clients. Here are a few of them.

RBS Sempra Energy Trading
Trade Capture, Inc.

illumineX helped RBS Sempra and Trade Capture, Inc. by providing architecture services on a joint project involving a large (half a million lines of code) WebObjects application. The application supports complicated trading floor transactions in the energy field, a highly complex problem domain. illumineX helped lay the groundwork for the next generation of the application.

RBS Sempra logo

Trade Capture, Inc., logo

Mission Mode

Mission Mode logo

illumineX provided the initial engineering team for this venture capital funded startup, creating the first version of their concept using 100% Pure Java technologies including WebObjects. The system coordinates communication and alerts for large teams as a hosted web service, using email, paging, voice XML, and other communication channels.

Intrinsic Security, Inc.

Intrinsic Security, Inc. logo

illumineX founder Gary W. Longsine later founded Intrinsic Security, Inc., to develop and market a uniquely effective anti-worm and intrusion suppression system. illumineX was the natural choice to help lead the initial research and development effort. illumineX worked on a team with Intrinsic Security and CodeFab, and provided design and engineering talent and project management services during the company's start-up phase.

SPR Center

SPR Center is a full service research firm helping companies and other organizations meet their strategic business objectives through better understanding of their employees, their markets, and their customers. SPR Center chose illumineX as their technology partner. illumineX provides SPR Center with custom development services in support of their mission-critical internal business process.

This partnership allows SPR Center the freedom to focus on their core business, and the flexibility to keep up with the rapid pace of technology change in the internet age.

Chef Emeril Lagasse

illumineX provided a customized internet postcard system based on our iX Cards Professional and integrated it into the Emerils.com web site.

divine, inc.

divine is the "Extended Enterprise" company, and they practice what they preach. Recently a development team acquired by divine was faced with urgent deadlines and new requirements while developing the first version of a new streaming multimedia internet product. illumineX developed an on-line registration system to support the new product when deployed as an application service at a divine hosting facility. The registration system needed to run on the same Linux/Apache/Postgres system as the core application, be scalable to hundreds of simultaneous users, and provide nicely formatted email receipts to registrants, in keeping with the polished divine corporate image. illumineX helped the divine team meet both their deadline and their new requirements.

USDA Forest Service

illumineX provides two full time systems architects, who work daily with various Agency-wide national teams to perform architecture and implementation services for a nationwide network of 35,000 PC clients and 1200 AIX Servers. Our work spans all aspects of remote systems management, including:

  • Unix, Network, and PC security,
  • software re-packaging,
  • software distribution,
  • quality assurance, and
  • problem analysis.


illumineX is available to assist your enterprise, government, or non-profit organization with your next-generation mobile app and cloud services. Contact us today!

We also assist with business process re-engineering efforts, and governance process implementation (configuration management and architecture boards) to support initiatives from the Clinger-Cohen Act and related OMB directives. We contribute to evolving enterprise IT architecture at all levels from network, through systems, and into application runtime and development environments. Rapid changes due to efficiency and security efforts make this a highly dynamic environment, and one of the more stimulating projects we've ever undertaken.

illumineX Yin Yang logo
iPhone front

illumineX can help you build iPhone applications for internal enterprise use, or for consumer use.