WebObjects Shared Server Hosting since 1998

This new offering brings you industry leading availability and performance at an affordable price made possible by the combination of WebObjects, Mac OS X and the XServe hardware.

Both Fully Managed and Customer Self-managed options are hosted on Mac OS X & XServe hardware.


The XServe is the best value in UNIX server hardware on the market today. We've provided hosting on Apple hardware since 1998, and our staff brings decades of UNIX production server experience.

We offer Solaris/SPARC and Linux/intel based hosting options as well for those seeking Dedicated Server solutions.

Mac OS X Server

We've been hosting our own web site on Mac OS X since Mac OS X Server 1.0 shipped. With Jaguar and the XServe, we can bring unprecedented performance and scalability to shared application hosting configurations.


We use the industry leading Apache web server for all of our shared hosting installations. Apache is a high-performance, robust, feature-rich, secure and stable web server, and it runs best on Mac OS X.

Relational Database

Most WebObjects applications are database independent. This happy fact allows us to deploy cost effective database solutions for our shared hosting clients. We can arrange licensing terms and support with the leading commercial database vendors OpenBase and FrontBase on Mac OS X and other UNIX platforms, in order to provide you with scalable, reliable, and cost-effective service. In the event that your application needs a particular database, arrangements can be made to provide whatever UNIX database you need.

  • Oracle
  • Frontbase
  • OpenBase
  • Postgres
  • MySQL

Standard Features

  • world class managed 10 Mbps & 100Mbps networks
  • direct to internet backbone
  • WebObjects
  • backups
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • shared and dedicated bandwidth available
  • on-site hardware support & repair kits in stock
  • SSH, SCP access standard

Powered by UNIX

Options for hosting platforms include Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X. These high-performance UNIX based systems are reliable, secure, and manageable.

Fully Managed

We'll manage all aspects of your WebObjects application, including installation of upgrades for the application and WebObjects application server. Fully managed customers do not have logon access to the host servers, and are hosted on separate servers from self-managed customers.

Customer Self-Managed

You can manage your own WebObjects application on a cost-effective shared server farm. We'll maintain the Operating System and the server hardware, and we'll be around if you need assistance with application migration to newer versions of WebObjects, or whatever.