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Our first iPhone application, iBlogger, put real blogging in your pocket on the very first day of the iPhone App Store. Well, it would have! It was ready to be one of the First 500 Apps, but there was a glitch in Apple's system for signing and delivering the software which we were able to work with Apple to resolve in time to get on the App Store only a few days after opening. We didn't get a number, but it looked like we were one of the First 1,000 Apps.

iBlogger was a great app, but we want it to be even easier to use and even more powerful. In order to do that we need to toss it in the bin and start over.

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iBlogger is being rebuilt and will be coming back to the App Store when it's ready.

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iBlogger Coming Soon to App Store!

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EyeSpy is available now on Mac App Store!

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