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ecto is a powerful and easy to use blog editor.

ecto screen shot
...ecto works with the most popular blogs and a whole bunch of other blogs, too...

ecto has a 21-day free trial mode. If you're not sure if ecto works with your blog, you can download and try it, for free.

ecto: publish to almost any blog from your Mac

ecto is a feature-rich desktop blogging editor for MacOSX. With ecto, you can easily publish to a wide range of weblog systems, such as Blogger, Blojsom, Drupal, MovableType, Nucleus, SquareSpace, TypePad, WordPress, and more.

ecto should work with any blog which supports a standard remote editing API (such as the Atom, MetaWeblog, or MovableType APIs, and others). Most blogs (with the notable exception of MobleMe blogs) provide a remote editing API.

ecto is easy to use

ecto is designed to make blogging much easier and yet give the users as much power as possible to manage their weblogs.

With ecto you can write and manage entries for your weblog(s). You can compose entries offline and use the extra features ecto offers, such as spellcheck, creating links, attachments, and much more. ecto is a native Mac OS X application, and offers you a more powerful and easier to use editing interface than your blog's built in control panel.

ecto is the best way to blog!

ecto works with your blog

ecto works with the most popular blogs, and a whole bunch of other blogs, too. Here are a few of the blogs that ecto works with.

ecto is widely used

Thousands of people blog with ecto from their Mac. ecto is the successor of the wildly popular Kung-Log which earned a 4.5 mice rating in the MacWorld July 2003 issue as well as high ratings at VersionTracker.com and MacUpdate.com.

ecto is sexy.

— Brian & Julie, of Missoula, Montana, USA