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Our first consumer iPhone application, iBlogger, puts real blogging in the pockets of thousands of bloggers. We can help you put real business in the pockets of thousands of employees, or millions of customers.

illumineX engineers have been designing and building scalable enterprise solutions, in some cases for over 20 years.

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illumineX is building iPhone applications for the millions of iPhone customers in the world. We can help your enterprise build custom iPhone applications, too.

iBlogger is an enterprise app, inside.

Our first commercial iPhone app is a client front end to edit blogs.

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Enterprise customers including Government and Fortune 500 are exploring iPhone already. Many of them have tried to build mobile solutions on other platforms that were only marginally successful, at best. iPhone 2.0 is enterprise ready. We can help you demonstrate, design, pilot, and build a mobile solution that will knock your socks off.

If you are a funded startup, we can help you and your VC jump start your iPhone applications and the scalable web services behind them, while you recruit your internal engineering team. We can also help you build OSX / Cocoa / iPhone engineering staff.

iBlogger can be thought of as a mobile data editing and update application, much like a typical Enterprise application. iBlogger talks to a blog server, which is nothing more (nor less) than a special purpose web Content Management System.

As a result of it's similar mission, it turns out that iBlogger does many of the things that an arbitrary application front end application would do in a corporate mesh network environment.

iBlogger, or Bloginator?

Sleek outside.

iBlogger looks and feels natural on the iPhone platform. It's a fully native application, highly performance tuned.

We know how to explore a problem domain with a client, and find the right combination of features to deliver value to your customers early, gather useful feedback from domain experts, and deliver an application which has a nice, modern, sleek user interface.

Liquid Metal Robot inside.

Don't let it's sexy outsides fool you. Inside, iBlogger is a robust enterprise style application. Here are a few things about iBlogger's bone and musle and brain that will look familiar to Enterprise CIOs, Managers, and Technical Architects.

  • offline editing
  • secure access over https
  • secure authentication to server with username / password
  • secure local storage in Keychain of authentication information for multiple accounts, multiple servers, to provide ease of use in addition to client security
  • talking to multiple server engines from multiple vendors
  • using multiple protocols (Atom, MetaWeblog, MovableType, and others)
  • automated configuration of client-server connection through an XML based standard
  • parsing HTML, XHTML, and XML
  • handling graphics images (taking pictures, and uploading them, downloading to phone, displaying, moving, resizing)
  • highly tuned performance on the device
  • optimized workflow that feels natural on the iPhone platform
  • custom interface elements which extend the iPhone capability, and yet look and feel natural on the iPhone platform
  • all this over WiFi, Edge and 3G networks

Enterprise apps are a cake walk

iBlogger has many of the same characteristics as the typical enterprise client application, yet in many ways, iBlogger has a much tougher job.

iBlogger users can brow-beat up Enterprise users

Enterprise Experienced

It's hard for us to remember sometimes, but there was a time before illumineX. Our engineers were recruited because they have had a key role in the design and construction of scalable, complex systems, including:

  • large scale software distribution,
  • web services based ecommerce engines,
  • project management systems,
  • ticket tracking systems,
  • payroll systems,
  • 9-1-1 call center systems,

We've even worked on weird stuff like a middleware layer that provided large scale core integration services for dozens of systems administration applications, each of which was very complex in its own right.

We not only have the talent to build many things, we also have the experience to know what we can do, and what other people can do for you better. We are not going to tell you "yes" if the answer is really "no". We pick projects based on whether we can make a happy customer. We don't just take every project that comes along and hope for the best. Contact us to find out if we can help you.

iBlogger must satisfy the demanding needs of a highly vocal group of users -- people who write about everything on the internet. Every single customer has a blog. Few enterprise applications face that level of public scrutiny.

Call us "Crazy"

That is precisely the reason we chose to build iBlogger, a high profile application with a complex, open-ended problem domain, as our first iPhone application.

For years, people have said, "You build enterprise apps? But you build Mac games!

We can't show you most of the coolest applications we've build for clients over the years. But we can show you an application which has more users, and a more challenging production environment, than most enterprise applications., and which doesn't merely turn your iPhone into the world's most expensive simulated beer.

The typical enterprise application runs in a controlled environment, where there exist, from the perspective of the application at least, usually only one type of server that it must communicate with.

iBlogger has an "open ended" problem domain and interface. It supports several protocols on the client side, but the server side is beyond our control. The servers that iBlogger works with support multiple protocols, and multiple implementations of different protocols, as well as many blog engines. Those blog engines run on a wide variety of data storage formats from flat files to various versions of many databases. That data is served up by different versions of different web servers, hosted in different configurations on several different operating systems.

iPhone Development Since 1990

illumineX is has been in the Cocoa programing business since 1998, our developers have experience going back to the invention of the platform and language in 1989 or so. Our stable of highly experienced Cocoa developers makes us uniquely positioned to help build iPhone applications. There is an acute worldwide shortage of good Cocoa talent, due to enormous interest in the iPhone platform.

We are a small company, not an IBM-style body shop. If you want a highly talented team that can learn your business and understand your customers, while helping you integrate iPhone into your existing business, or helping you create a new iPhone based system from scratch, we can help you.

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illumineX can help you build iPhone applications for internal enterprise use, or for consumer use.