Cocoa / Mac OS X Development

In addition to Java & WebObjects development, illumineX offers development services for Cocoa & Mac OS X. We can help you:

illumineX : Cocoa, Swift, Objective C,  & WebObjects Development
  • migrate existing applications to Mac OS X from:
    • Classic/Carbon Mac OS
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • UNIX
  • jump-start new products
  • create custom Mac OS X clients to existing client/server systems
  • create Mac OS X clients which connect to Web Services

We've been building software with the technologies that went into Mac OS X for years.

Cocoa (Objective C & Swift)

Our developers have been creating in Cocoa and the technologies that led up to it (NeXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, etc.) since the early nineties. Now that Mac OS X is shipping on every new Macintosh system, we're busy building Cocoa applications, including original games, free screen savers, and other products to come. Our early products already use a surprising array of Mac OS X technologies.

One of our founding Cocoa developers, Donald A. Yacktman, is co-author of the book, Cocoa Programming. Written by a team of three including Scott Anguish and Erik Buck, Cocoa Programming was the first intermediate book for Cocoa developers, going beyond the basic introductions that have been published to date. Don has also written a number of Cocoa related articles for Stepwise. Don has since left illumineX, but remains a Friend of illumineX.


Swift is great.


We also have an unusual array of talented UNIX developers (perhaps they're all unusual, eh?). Our team has experience designing, developing, porting, and maintaining UNIX programs at all levels from device drivers through command-line utilities to multi-threaded client/server applications. Today we apply those talents to Mac OS X programs which take advantage of the modern UNIX foundation of Mac OS X.

Our Chief Technical Architect, Scott R. Anderson, was a voting member of the POSIX standards committee for IEEE 1003.1 (System Application Programming Interface) and IEEE 1003.2 (System Application Programming Interface, Shell and Utilities).

All of our developers have been UNIX developers for years, in some cases decades.

Jumpstart / Porting / Integration

Whatever your needs for Mac OS X / Cocoa development, we can help you. Contact us today for your Mac OS X development needs.

iPhone front

illumineX can help you build iPhone applications for internal enterprise use, or for consumer use.