Years of working with government have taught us that agencies have unique requirements -- from business, from each other, and sometimes from year to year. Some of the information infrastructure requirements are set forth in GPEA (Government Paperwork Elimination Act) and other directives, others come from customer demand for improved service levels or a desire to improve efficiency. All of those take place against a backdrop of heightened security requirements.

Government agencies at all levels share a characteristic that influences their approach to e-government, and sets their needs apart from e-commerce. Government agencies typically don't get to pick their target market. Private industries often focus tightly on certain market segments -- people with internet connections, for example. Governments need to continue to service all classes of customers, even as they pursue e-government initiatives.

  • individuals (with and without internet connections)
  • businesses (with all different types of computer systems)
  • other government entities (Federal, State, & Local agencies)

The implications for e-government projects sometimes have a bearing on design -- you can't stop servicing customers that don't have an internet connection. As a result, you sometimes don't have the option of eliminating the traditional interfaces to your information systems -- phone, mail, face to face contact, and yes, paper. However, with some process re-engineering, the traditional faces of government can be integrated with your new system, so that your e-government initiatives can result in improved service levels to your customers and increased operational efficiency.

We specialize in providing high quality dynamic solutions to e-government application challenges,

  • based on portable internet technologies (Java, XML, SQL, etc.)
  • which can be integrated easily into portals for your agency or your parent agency,
  • which integrate with your legacy systems, and
  • which provide interfaces to your legacy processes.

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