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This game is extremely addictive.

You have been warned.

MarbleX is an all new implementation of one of the most popular NeXTSTEP arcade games. Totally redesigned with a bright new Aqua interface, and sporting all new graphics and new game-play levels, MarbleX is ready to entertain millions of new Mac OS X fans.

One volunteer illumineX beta tester, said, "Every time I turn around, my MacBook is missing. When I find it, sure enough, my wife or my grandkids are playing MarbleX!"

MarbleX follows in the footsteps of BabelBloX, making extensive use of the modern OS features found in Mac OS X. The MarbleX look and feel reflects the design intent of the Aqua interface, without copying it verbatim. This gives the game a nice flavor on Mac OS X. It fits in well, and yet it's fresh and original.

MarbleX provides full Mac Help, including strategy tips and a description of the physics of the game, an animated dock icon, and both Windowed & Full Screen display modes. MarbleX also features a "Chrome" theme for the game skin.


MarbleX provides both Windowed & Full Screen display modes, and an Aqua interface featuring the "Chrome" theme for the game skin. MarbleX includes full Mac Help, including strategy tips and a description of the rules of the game. The game also includes an animated dock icon.

illumineX used a variety of Mac OS X technologies in the Infinity Game PaX, including:

Pricing and Availability

Individual games cost $9.95.

The Infinity Game Pax license is available immediately. The cost is only $29.95 giving you full access to all the features in BabelBloX, HextriX, HoppiX, MarbleX, MnemoniX, RoX and RuniX. Simply choose the Infinity Game PaX licensing option from the registration panel of any one game (or from the web store). After your purchase is confirmed, simply start up any other game in the pack. It's that easy.

  • OpenGL & Quartz (including animation and transparency)
  • Cocoa (Objective C and Java)
  • Mac Help
  • Aqua Interface compliance
  • Animated dock icon with transparency (animates about once a minute)
  • Windowed & Full Screen display modes
  • Threads

Last Ditch Pitch

Savvy game players purchase our Infinity Game PaX. By purchasing the Infinity Game PaX now you get a full license to all of the included games. MarbleX, BableBloX, HextriX, HoppiX, RoX, RuniX, and MnemoniX all for the incredibly low price of $29.95. That's only a tiny bit more than one game, so why not enjoy all seven!