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BabelBloX offers several games in one, all based in the same basic game universe -- a grid of colored BloX. Clusters of BloX with matching colors can be shattered. Gravity shifts to fill the empty space created, changing the relationships among the remaining BloX. The free trial lets you play the "X Free" game. With a license, you can pick among several games from the BabelBloX menu. Included with BabelBloX are the following game worlds, set in a universe of lickable BloX:

Beat the Clock

This is a race against the clock. And the clock isn't offering any mercy here! This game will get adrenaline pumping in even the quickest thinker's veins.


This is the most challenging game available to date. How evil is it? You'll never know if a screenful of blocks was impossible to solve or just really, really hard. And that will be the lingering question in your mind when there's just one block left, taunting you because it knows you've run out of wands.

while the concept is simple the actual gameplay can be surprisingly addictive Eddie Park
Inside Mac Games

Classic BabelBloX

Start with a three color grid, and work up to progressively more challenging levels.

Big Ben

Based on Classic BabelBloX, this game adds the challenge of a race against the clock for each level.


BloX are morphed into clear Delay BloX when you destroy a cluster. The delay BloX survive until you destroy another cluster, and then they "pop" out of existence.


A relaxing visual treat. This game is sorta like doodling -- you can play it while talking on the phone (don't play it while driving!)

Gravity Pong

Gravity changes directions each move.

Gravity Delay Pong

Delay BloX add to the challenge of this game.

A volunteer beta tester told us he likes the game, but had some trouble testing it because, "My five-year old daughter taught herself how to play. She loves BabelBloX, so every time I open my PowerBook, she wants to play. For a while, she was better at it than me."

BabelBloX is designed to make extensive use of the modern OS features found in Mac OS X, and to reflect the design intent of the Aqua interface, without copying it verbatim. This gives the game a nice flavor on Mac OS X. It fits in well, and yet it's fresh and original.

Mac OS X Friendly

illumineX used a variety of Mac OS X technologies in BabelBloX, including:

Pricing and Availability

The Infinity Game Pax license is available immediately. The cost is only $19.95 giving you full access to all the features in BabelBloX, HextriX, HoppiX, MarbleX, MnemoniX, RoX and RuniX. Simply choose the Infinity Game PaX licensing option from the registration panel of any one game (or from the web store). After your purchase is confirmed, simply start up any other game in the pack. It's that easy.

  • OpenGL & Quartz (including animation and transparency)
  • Cocoa (Objective C and Java)
  • Mac Help
  • Aqua Interface compliance
  • Animated dock icon with transparency (animates about once a minute)
  • Windowed & Full Screen display modes
  • Threads

A bit of trivia: BabelBloX was the first fully-skinned Cocoa application to appear on Mac OS X. BabelBloX uses a "Chrome" theme developed by illumineX for use with games.

Pricing & Availability

The software is available NOW for free download. It can be registered for just $14.95 (US Dollars) by using the built-in registrar (select "Register Online Now..." from the main BabelBloX menu). Registering BabelBloX gives you full access to all the features within the game without restriction.

The other option for savvy game players is to purchase our Infinity Game PaX. By purchasing the Infinity Game PaX now you get a full license to all of the included games. MarbleX, BableBloX, HextriX, HoppiX, RoX, RuniX, and MnemoniX all for the incredibly low price of $29.95. That's only a tiny bit more than one game, so why not enjoy all seven!

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