Infinity GamePaX (Version 3)
for macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

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“I guess the previous management didn't like games. The current management really likes games.”

-- Steve Jobs, circa 2002

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Occasionally people post nice comments or reviews of the Infinity Game PaX online. Here are a few of them. BabelBloX - An addictive blocks-type game

Pick of the Week: "This week's Pick of the Week is an entertaining diversion for those times you have a few free minutes. BabelBlox is a block-removal game, but it's nothing like Brickout or any of the other "Pong-style" brick removal games. "

Inside Mac Games: BabelBloX

"Like most puzzle games, while the concept is simple, the actual gameplay can be surprisingly addictive. And if you get tired of the basic concept, there are several iterations of gameplay available"

MacObserver: New Arcade Game Hits macOS

"We have played this game, and we deem it a good thing. It's fun, entertaining, challenging, and well built. It's been very refreshing to see just how many cool shareware games have been coming out for the Mac. BabelBloX is definitely a good addition to that group. "