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HoppiX is a game of elimination. The object is to remove as many marbles as you can from the playing field. Take a marble and "hop" over a neighboring marble. The marble that was hopped over is removed from the playing field. Continue with this until no more hops are possible. If you removed enough marbles from the screen, then you will move on to the next level -- or win the game!

Games Within Games

HoppiX includes several variations on the basic game as well as many different and lovely sets of marbles.

Changing to a new game variant will alter the game board layout and possibly even some of the rules of the game. We also have an Easy - Normal - Hard difficulty selection to make the game even more flexible!


A single level, shaped like a cross.

Classic Plus

The same as Classic, but much bigger.


A group of levels shaped like the international symbol for radioactivity.


A collection of smaller level layouts.

Totally Square

A series of square shaped levels that get progressively larger.


HoppiX features several different (and exceedingly fun) marble themes.

HoppiX theme selection


HoppiX provides both Windowed & Full Screen display modes, and an Aqua interface featuring the "Chrome" theme for the game skin. HoppiX includes full Mac Help, including strategy tips and a description of the rules of the game. The game also includes an animated dock icon.

illumineX used a variety of Mac OS X technologies in HoppiX, including:

Pricing and Availability

Individual games cost $9.95.

The Infinity Game Pax license is available immediately. The cost is only $29.95 giving you full access to all the features in BabelBloX, HextriX, HoppiX, MarbleX, MnemoniX, RoX and RuniX. Simply choose the Infinity Game PaX licensing option from the registration panel of any one game (or from the web store). After your purchase is confirmed, simply start up any other game in the pack. It's that easy.

  • OpenGL & Quartz (including animation and transparency)
  • Cocoa (Objective C and Java)
  • Mac Help
  • Aqua Interface compliance
  • Animated dock icon with transparency (animates about once a minute)
  • Windowed & Full Screen display modes
  • Threads

Last Ditch Pitch

The free trial mode may be restricted, allowing only certain games, limited levels, or time-limited play. You can experience the complete fun and challege of HoppiX by registering the software and unlocking all the features. There are a few options to purchase the game, including the built-in registration system, and our web store.

We hope you enjoy HoppiX. If you do, please purchase it. You'll be able to play the full game and you'll be supporting a company dedicated to delivering high quality software on Mac OS X.

Savvy game players purchase our Infinity Game PaX. By purchasing the Infinity Game PaX now you get a full license to all of the included games. MarbleX, BableBloX, HextriX, HoppiX, RoX, RuniX, and MnemoniX all for the incredibly low price of $29.95. That's only a tiny bit more than one game, so why not enjoy all seven!