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Claim a Prize

If you won a game in a MUG raffle or as a door prize for attending a MUG meeting, and you're not sure how to claim your prize, you came to the right place.


As a winner of a raffle or door prize at your Macintosh User Group (MUG), you have received a complementary promotional code to one of the games included in illumineX Infinity Game PaX. Follow the instructions on this page to redeem the promotional code for your free license to the game.

Your MUG leader will send you an email with the "Promotional Code" and the name of the game that you won, and the link to this page. In that email, you'll find the name of the game you won, and your PROMO CODE, similar to this one:

88-358-181-630-988-xxx <--- YOUR CODE LOOKS LIKE THIS

You won a license to one of the following games:

(Winners in the 2009 illumineX MUG promotion winnners receive a license to HoppiX, our newest game for the Mac!)

  • BabelBloX - shatter colorful glass tiles and clear the field
  • MarbleX - falling marble triads (highly addictive)
  • RoX - asteroid invasion game with killer sound effects
  • MnemoniX - a memory workout of hidden tile matching
  • HextriX - falling hexagon-based shapes (challenging)
  • RuniX - restricted-path tile-matching (race the clock!)
  • HoppiX - Hop marbles to clear boards of different sizes and shapes

The other games have free-trial modes and you are welcome to download them, too, if you like. (Free. No strings attached. Not a trick in any way.)

Each of these are simple games with few rules which lead to challenging play. Most of the games include several variations on the basic rules. The Infinity Game PaX includes over 30 game rules variations, and the optional tilesets which alter the difficulty of a given game make over 150 game variations in all. The Infinity Game PaX includes some of the best arcade/puzzle games on Mac OS X today. Different games tickle people in different ways, but there are so many games here that you're certain to find at least a couple of them to be splendidly addictive games.

NOTE: These games require Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). If you are still running Tiger, you can try the old Tiger version of the games: InfinityPaX.Tiger.dmg. The promo code will not work for you on a Tiger system. Howver, your promo code won't expire until you use it, once. If you keep it, you can use it later when you upgrade to a Leopard or Snow Leopard system.

Use the Promo Code to Get a License Key

To use your single-use promotional code to obtain a free, permanent, host-locked license for the game that you won, perform three simple steps:

  1. Download the Infinity Game PaX (which includes HoppiX)
    • Download the Infinity Game PaX.
    • Install the games by dragging them to a folder on your hard disk (for example, the /Applications/ folder).
    • Launch HoppiX by double-clicking on the HoppiX.app icon.

  2. Register with your PROMO CODE
    • Use the promo code in HoppiX. (A HoppiX promo code only works in HoppiX.)
    • Use the promo code on the computer where you want to play the games. (The license will be locked to that machine.)
    • Open the "Register Online Now..." panel (SHIFT-COMMAND-R, or look under the main menu of the game.)
      Please use a valid email address when registering.
    • Use your iX PROMO CODE in place of the "Credit Card Number"
      The promotional code is a long number. Registering will be simple if you "Cut & Paste" the number rather than type it into the registration system by hand.
    • Fill out the contact information.
      Your contact information is required so we can help you later if you lose your key.
      See our Privacy Policy for additional details.
    • Press the "Buy License" button at the bottom
      When you use a PROMO CODE in place of a credit card number, you will not be charged.
      screen shot of registration panel

  3. There is no step three.

Your license will be installed automatically.

You will receive an email receipt for your "purchase" at $0.00 USD of InfinityPaX which contains the actual key.

*** Keep your email receipt ***

Your receipt will help us match you to your customer record in the event that you need support.

Adding additional computers in your family

Each promotional code can be used once to obtain a free permanent license to the game that you won. The license you will receive is locked to a single host computer, but it is also a "Family Style" license which allows you to add your other computers by visiting the "Support" section of the illumineX web site.


illumineX is proud to be a sponsor of your Macintosh User Group. Your MUG is a vital contribution to a vibrant and growing Macintosh user community.

Enjoy playing the game!

-- The illumineX Team