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NOTE: The 2017 releases of the Infinitey GamePaX games require macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or macOS 10.13 (High Sierra).

As a winner of a raffle or door prize at your Apple User Group (AUG), you have received a complementary promotional code to one of the games included in illumineX Infinity Game PaX. Follow the instructions on this page to redeem the promotional code for your free license to the game.

Your AUG leader will send you an email with the "Promotional Code" and the name of the game that you won, and the link to this page. In that email, you'll find the name of the game you won, and your PROMO CODE.

You won a free download from Mac App Store for one of the following games:

(Winners in the 2009 illumineX AUG promotion winnners receive a license to HoppiX, our newest game for the Mac!)

  • BabelBloX - shatter colorful glass tiles and clear the field
  • MarbleX - falling marble triads (highly addictive)
  • RoX - asteroid invasion game with killer sound effects
  • MnemoniX - a memory workout of hidden tile matching
  • HextriX - falling hexagon-based shapes (challenging)
  • RuniX - restricted-path tile-matching (race the clock!)
  • HoppiX - Hop marbles to clear boards of different sizes and shapes

Each of these are simple games with few rules which lead to challenging play. Most of the games include several variations on the basic rules. The Infinity Game PaX includes over 30 game rules variations. Together with the optional tilesets which alter the difficulty of a given game this makes over 150 game variations in all. The Infinity Game PaX includes some of the best arcade/puzzle games on macOS today. Different games tickle people in different ways, but there are so many games here that you're certain to find at least a couple of them to be splendidly addictive games.

How do I redeem my promo code?

If you won a game in a AUG raffle or as a door prize for attending a AUG meeting, and you're not sure how to claim your prize, you came to the right place.

Redeem iTunes or Apple Music Gift Cards and content codes (AKA "Promo Codes")

Need Help with Your Promo Code?

Apple doesn't provide us with tools to help you resolve issues with Promo Codes (aka Content Codes). They do something even better! Apple provides technical support for Promo Codes through iTunes Support. Start with these links. You can also search at the iTunes Suppoprt site for error messages.

If you can't redeem your iTunes or Apple Music Gift Card or content code (AKA "Promo Code)
iTunes Support (search for "promo code" or "content code" or an error message)

Thank you and Your Apple User Group!

illumineX is proud to be a sponsor of your Apple User Group. Your Apple User Gruop is a vital contribution to a vibrant and growing Apple Mac, iPhone, and iPad user community.

Enjoy playing the game!

-- The illumineX Team

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Coming Soon to the Mac App Store!

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Pricing and Availability

The illumineX Infinity GamePaX series (including BabelBloX, HextriX, HoppiX, MarbleX, MnemoniX, RoX, and RuniX) is moving to macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and the Mac App Store this year.

Each game will be available for a low price of $2.99 which is 1/3 the original price of each game.

The Mac App Store doesn't allow us to identify our customers, so we are not able to offer upgrade pricing for previous iX Connect customers. Since the GamePaX has only been available as a free download since about 2009, we hope you'll consider this to be a reasonable upgrade fee (about 50 cents a year!)