EyeSpy (Version 2)
for macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

EyeSpy :: A Fun Little Cartoon Toy for macOS

EyeSpy is a simple and fun toy for the iMac and any other computer running the Apple macOS system. Cartoon eyes watch your mouse cursor as it moves about the screen.

This concept has been very popular since it was first created in the mid 1980s. Check out the Heritage EyeSpy to learn more about the origins and evolution of this toy.

EyeSpy is a free download from the Mac App Store. Additional characters can be downloaded via the EyeSpy In-App Purchase store.

Download EyeSpy today, and check it out!

EyeSpy is a Toy!

EyeSpy Chirpy

EyeSpy is a toy and is similar to games in some ways. Like a game-and by design-EyeSpy violates a few of the standard assumptions about the behavior of applications on macOS:

  1. The EyeSpy cartoon eyes are always visible
  2. The eyes float on top of other visible application windows
  3. Certain cartoon characters such as Balloons or Bees may float around the screen automatically, and may bounce off a mouse cursor if bumped

EyeSpy is a pleasant distraction, like playing with a rubber band on a phone call.

Why did we make EyeSpy?

We admit that it's not necessarily obvious why our customers keep asking us to update EyeSpy, when we only ever put out one release over 15 years ago, and when the original artwork was geeky. (The original EyeSpy characters were operating system mascots, like the BSD Daemon, Chuck!)

The concept behind EyeSpy was invented in the early days of graphical computers and has seen a version of the toy on every computer platform with a mouse since the mid 1980s. This concept has a lasting popularity, we believe, for a fascinating reason. It turns out that humans are highly evolved to be able to effortlessly tell what somebody else in the vicinity is looking at. You'll notice this, now, everywhere you go. If you're in a coffee shop, your brain automatically knows who around you is looking at what things.

As a result, people are automatically attracted to this toy at a subconscious level.

But really, it's just a silly, fun little toy. EyeSpy is availale as a free download, so try it out! Play with it. Live a litte!

Known Issues

  • EyeSpy has been thoroughly optimized for best possible performance, but it is a toy and it uses quite a bit of CPU (about 6% to 9%). If you're running on battery power, it's best to quit EyeSpy, and relaunch EyeSpy when you're next connected to a power source.
  • EyeSpy may distract you from drudgery and boredom. This is a feature, not a bug.


If you have feature requets, comments, or if you experience any issues with EyeSpy, send us an email. Be sure to let us know the type of computer you are using. EyeSpy was tested extensively but sometimes issues are unique to a particular combination of hardware and software, and other times an issue is simply overlooked. We value your feedback.

We hope you enjoy EyeSpy as much as we've enjoyed making it.