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2015 illumineX MUG Sponsorship

“I guess the previous management didn't like games. The current management really likes games.”

-- Steve Jobs, circa 2002

illumineX is a proud sponsor of Apple User Groups worldwide. User Groups are a vital part of a healthy, vibrant Macintosh community and software market. Also known affectionately as "MUGs" (for "Macintosh User Groups") these groups share knowledge and experience to help others discover the Macintosh, and get more out of it.

We appreciate the work that Apple User Groups do to help the community grow.

The program is simple -- just the way you like it.

In exchange for a one-year run of one of our sponsorship banners on your MUG web site, illumineX will donate 10 licenses to HoppiX, our newest game for Mac OS X, to your MUG (a $100 value).

Your group can:

  • raffle the software to raise money, or
  • give away the licenses as door prizes to boost meeting attendance, or
  • hold a drawing among members who attended the last three meetings.

Whatever your MUG decides is the best way to use the licenses on behalf of your MUG. If you come up with a creative idea for using the donated games to help your MUG, let us know. We'll post the best ideas here, so that other MUG can try them, too.


Any Apple User Group listed with Apple is automatically eligible. If your user group isn't listed with Apple, it should be, so that new Macintosh users can find your group.

How to Join

It's easy for your MUG to join our sponsorship program. Simply post one of our sponsorship banners on your MUG web site, and then send us an email to: support@ (you know the rest: illumineX.com). with this information:

  • your name
  • your MUG title (President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.)
  • a link to your MUG site, showing our banner


Your MUG will receive 10 promotional codes to HoppiX, which can be raffled separately. When you raffle off or give away one of the games, just give the code to the prize winner, and they can use it to obtain their free license. (Each code can be used only once.) For more details, see Claim a Prize


illumineX developers have been part of the Apple community since the Apple II days (and NeXT users since the NeXT Cube), and we plan to be around for a long time. Check back here for a new MUG Sponsorship offer next year.

Infinity Game PaX

Be sure to let your members know about the other games in the Infinity Game PaX.

  • BabelBloX - shatter colorful glass tiles and clear the field
  • MarbleX - falling marble triads (highly addictive)
  • RoX - asteroid invasion game with killer sound effects
  • MnemoniX - a memory workout of hidden tile matching
  • HextriX - falling hexagon-based shapes (challenging)
  • RuniX - restricted-path tile-matching (race the clock!)
  • HoppiX - Hop marbles to clear boards of different sizes and shapes