Even more screen savers!

The illumineX Screen Saver PaX includes 25 different screen savers. Here are some of the others.

iX Coral.saver
iX Deco.saver
iX DubyaSpeeX.saver -- We have issued a blanket statement: "No comment."
iX Fadeplot.saver -- Cats love this one. Cats ignore the others. Dogs love you.
iX Inkblot.saver
iX Laser.saver
iX Lissajous.saver
iX Mountain.saver
iX Sierpinski.saver


image of inkblot screen saver
Inkblot saver screen shot

Installation and use of screen savers is very simple on Mac OS X.

In your Home folder, you'll find a folder called Library. Inside that folder, there should be a folder called "Screen Savers" (with a single space between the two words). If the Screen Savers folder does not exist, you can make a new folder.

Drag the screen savers into this new folder from the "Screen Savers" folder found in this disk image. Don't copy the folder, just the individual files, like Xirtam.saver

Open the Mac OS X "System Preferences" (on the Apple menu) and choose the "Desktop & Screen Saver" pane. Select the Screen Saver tab on that pane. The illumineX screen savers will appear in the list.

Click the "Options" button to change the screen saver's configuration options. Click the "Test" button to see what it will look like when running. The Options panel has a button labelled "Info" that will give a full explanation of the configuration parameters.

That's all there is to it!