HextriX Screen Saver

This screen saver uses graphics from the illumineX game HextriX to create a beautiful kaliedoscope.


The HextriX screensaver module is an original creation of the illumineX team, based on our game, HextriX.


image of HextriX preference pane
HextriX Preferences

In this screen saver there are three basic parameters available to you, "Speed", "Density", and "Erase Frequency".

"Speed" controls the screen saver's attempted frame rate and ranges from 10 to 100 frames per second. Of course, the actual frame rate achieved will depend upon your computer's ability to keep up. As such, you may not be able to get a full 100 frames per second even if you request it. Setting the speed lower will use less CPU, which may be important if you are running background processes such as [email protected] or a web server. The default setting is 35 frames per second.

"Density" controls how dense the kaliedoscope is. There are more colored hexagons on the screen at the same time when you increase the density.

"Erase Frequency" controls how often the screen is erased completely.