QixTriangle Screen Saver

This screen saver continuously draws colored triangles on the screen to create a flowing effect. Unlike the Qix module, the vertices of the triangle do not move in a straight line. They follow a curved path, which enhances the flowing feel of the module.


The QixTriangle screensaver module is based on a module named "Lizard" written for NEXTSTEP's BackSpace screen saver program. Unfortunately, since we have no idea who the original the author was, we cannot give proper attribution for the drawing algorithm.

We have retained some of the original code from the BackSpace module through the port to Mac OS X. We have given the module new options and features, tuned it to look great on Mac OS X, and based the new Objective-C code upon Apple's Quartz and Cocoa technologies.


image of QixTriangle preference pane
QixTriangle Preferences

In this screen saver there are two basic parameters available to you, "Speed" and "Tail Length".

"Speed" controls the screen saver's attempted frame rate and ranges from 10 to 100 frames per second. Of course, the actual frame rate achieved will depend upon your computer's ability to keep up. As such, you may not be able to get a full 100 frames per second even if you request it. Setting the speed lower will use less CPU, which may be important if you are running background processes such as [email protected] or a web server. The default setting is 50 frames per second.

"Tail Length" controls how many triangles are on the screen at once. It ranges from 10 to 400, with 300 as the default.