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Beyond browsing! The ultimate web productivity solution.

Do more than capture and edit! “Radar” monitors web pages for changes and keywords. Choose the pages, assign keywords, Webstractor keeps your research updated automatically!

There's a reason we say that YoinkFTPeel is known as Simply Powerful web research tool..

overview of Yoink! (formerly known as Webstractor)

Let Webstractor revolutionize the way you use the internet.

Webstractor is dead! Long live Yoink!

In a meeting this spring, one of our developers went to see if there was an update to one of his favorite tools, Webstractor. The website was gone. The company was gone. Webstractor was gone.

He said, "Let's track it down. I use this thing every day, we can't just let it die!"

The original makers had already been out of business for quite a while at that point. Since then, we found and acquired the parts, managed to get it building in our lab on Leopard as a universal binary. This process has taken longer than we expected, because we had so many other ongoing projects. However, it's still moving forward. Within a few weeks, Webstractor will be back, in a new beta release.

We have heard from hundreds of former Webstractor users, and like our develoepr, they were very attached to Webstractor. As soon as we possibly can, we will release a time-expiring beta, so that Webstractor users can have a tool that runs on Leopard.

Meanwhile, if you're curious about Yoink!, we've put the old Softchaos web site back on line.

Links to the old Softchaos / Webstractor web site

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