User Feedback for FTPeel


Brian at Laughing Mind (

Had to say it 'cause talent shouldn't go unrecognised. Love your site, love your product, love your outlook. Outstanding. Will happily be raving on to others in need of your range of products - you've continued to make OSX my new home, and it's getting realllll comfy now…

Alan Brown

Just wanted to drop you a line and say I downloaded FTPeel and gave it a test drive. It took me all of 10 minutes to decide that I needed a copy. It's fast, has all the bit and pieces I need a quick upload.

Jim Craig

Just purchased FTPeel after a 24 hour evaluation... I've never sprung for software so quickly! It took no time to realize this is exactly what I've wanted an ftp app to do, although your implementation goes far beyond my wildest dreams. I'm still dragging files to the icon (with NO FTPeel windows open!) just to marvel at watching them land on the server exactly where I want them. Thanks for this inspired software.

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Dave Stevens

Wow! You guys really get it! MagicMirror is incredible… We have multiple people working on the same web sites (e.g. whichever designer is free, programmers, etc.), and we found other mirror systems to be useless. Letting the system mirror our folders would have invariably overwritten some good files with bad ones. Your example of uploading parent Photoshop files is also right on the money. MagicMirror is brilliant - it made FTPeel pay for itself in the first 15 minutes of use! (and you can quote me on that).

Renan Fuhrimann

I'd like to congratulate your work on FTPeel. This really is a great product!

John Ward

Just a quick note to thank you (and the engineers) for FTPeel. We needed an FTP program that was easy to use, and that actually worked with OSX (10.3.2). After trying it once I purchased it immediately at your reasonable price.

Mr. Andre

One word: Perfect. Magic Mirrors are of the gods.

David Crickett

This one is the best out there, and the Magic mirror is such a relief! You don't have to keep a complete mirror (a lot of pictures for example) on your machine, you don't have to search through folders in 'your stuff' first, then in 'their stuff' afterwards, you just drag the file you've changed unto the icon! Now with the first version bugs fixed and sftp and ftp-ssl, it's a little wonder. Cocoa and lightning fast! :-)

Mark Davis

The toolbar icons are beautiful and the interface is as sweet as an orange. I actually took out icons from my dock just so I could see FTPeel's tasty looking icon. The transmit truck drove off the dock and vanished in a puff of smoke.