How to Purchase

Registration Made Easy

illumineX games are available for free download and will operate in a trial mode where some game features may not be available. There are three convenient ways to register your product, and enable all features.

If you're looking for instant gratification (aren't we all?) then you'll want to try the "Register Online Now..." feature built into each product. It's easy, secure, quick -- and it automatically installs the license key for you.

You will receive a receipt for your purchase via email. Please make sure that the email address you provide is your correct email address. (We never give out your personal information, so you won't be getting extra SPAM. Consult our Privacy Policy for more details.)

Register Online Now...

If you wish to purchase a permanent license key choose "Register Online Now..." from the main application menu of the product you wish to register.

The illumineX registration system will connect directly to our secure commerce servers using the same encrypted SSL technology that your web browser uses. The system will accept your payment, retrieve and install your license for you in real time -- for instant access to the full game features. (A number of addicted MarbleX & BabelBloX players have told us that they were grateful at 3:00 AM for the instant registration system.)

Online Store

If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your favorite web browser, we offer a secure online store for your convenience.

The online store may also work for some people who are behind certain firewall configurations which may block the current version of the registrar. Upcoming improvements to the registrar will enable it to work in any configuration where your browser works, but for now, a few of you may find that the online store works if the registrar does not.

ecto 3

ecto 3 can be puchased at the illumineX ESellerate online store.


iBlogger can be purchased at the iTunes Application Store