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as easy as 1... 2... 3...

...iBlogger works with the most popular blogs and a whole bunch of other blogs, too...

1. see something fun

With iBlogger, wherever you are, you have access to your blog.

2. blog about it!

You can effortlessly post pictures (with captions!) along with your thoughts.

You can add Categories and Tags.

You can even add your location at the touch of a finger, so if you're wandering around in the winding streets of an ancient city, you can blog the location of the cool little shop you stumbled upon.

3. there is no "Step 3"

Google Picasa integration (picture posting for Blogspot/Blogger!)

Upload, browse, and embed pictures from your Picasa account into a blog post. Works with any blog.

Sign up for Picasa using your Google ID, and iBlogger will automatically configure your Picasa account when you add your Blogspot account. All you need to do is touch "Yes" when asked.

Why use Picasa? Blogspot and some other blogs don't support picture uploads via the remote editing API that iBlogger and ecto use to interact with the blog engine. Sometimes the blog engine actually supports picture uploads, but the service hosting provider has disabled the feature to limit bandwidth usage for free blog accounts, for example.

Sign up for your free Google Picasa account

Full sized image handling ("native resolution" for any camera)

iBlogger provides the same cropping and scaling features that have been in iBlogger since the App Store opened. With this update, iBlogger also handles full-resolution images from any camera, which you may have in your iPhone or iPod photo library, or at Picasa.

Advanced CSS integration

iBlogger provides advanced integration with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) so that iBlogger posts can be tailored to any extent desired.

You can look at this CSS template for examples of full styling with CSS (copy the file to your blog as a .css file, or copy the content of the file into your CSS file).

  • Full CSS styling

    All elements of an iBlogger post are wrapped in named div containers. This allows you to style iBlogger headers and other content to either perfectly match your blog's standard formatting, or stand out as mobile posts on your blog. An example CSS stylesheet is available that you can tailor to your site. CSS styling degrades gracefully, so if you don't define custom settings for an iBlogger header, for example, your post will use the default header styling in your blog template.

  • CSS captioning for pictures

    iBlogger allows you to easily describe images with a caption. Like every other element of a blog post, iBlogger allows full CSS styling of images and the accompanying caption.

  • CSS scaling for picture thumbnails

    Image thumbnail sizes are easily selectable, providing a CSS scaled thumbnail at 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, and 1/5 scale. As you would expect on the web, users can see the full size image by clicking on the image.

iBlogger screen shot

Lightbox integration

If you have Lightbox 2 on your blog, iBlogger effortlessly integrates with it, for fancy display of full sized images.

Improved HTML

iBlogger now emits HTML which is compliant with XHTML 1.0.

  • provides support for picture title in HTML image tag (title="My Picture Title")
  • emitted HTML can be easily styled with CSS
  • internal refinements to our HTML parser, for more robust remote blogging

NOTE: Most blog engines re-write the HTML that they receive from remote blog editors, so your milage may vary, but illumineX is doing our part to uphold modern web standards!

Major stability and performance improvements

iBlogger 2 went through an extensive beta testing cycle involving dozens of bloggers and nearly a year of testing. During that time, all memory leaks and related errors were fixed. In addition, 131 beta test issues were addressed.

Improved stability and performance was a major goal for this new release. Apple recently released XCode 4 with the new LLVM 2 compiler which allowed us to find subtle defects and fix them before shipping the product. The new compiler also generates code that runs faster on iOS 4.3 than code generated by the old gcc compiler.

That's geek speak, but it means that the new iBlogger is VERY SNAPPY! Our beta testers who had used earlier versions of iBlogger 2 were amazed at the performance of our recent builds for things like browsing their Picasa photo albums. The performance of the Picasa photo browser on an iPhone or iPod Touch will blow your mind.

This level of performance simply wasn't possible without the combination of iOS 4.3, XCode 4, and LLVM 2.0, so many thanks to Apple for making these advanced iBlogger features possible.

Balance of Simplicity and Power

iBlogger makes mobile blogging as easy as possible, and yet gives you as much power as possible to blog "on the go".

With iBlogger you can compose entries offline for later posting, if you're totally out of network range, on Safari in Africa or in the basement of the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Club in Washington, D.C.

If you have separate blogs for your Jazz and exotic animal quests, no problem. You can have as many as you want.

iBlogger is the best way to blog!

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iBlogger works with your blog

iBlogger works with many blogs. Here are a few of the blogs that iBlogger works with, with more on the way.

iBlogger is zippy fast

iBlogger works great with iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch. We did extensive performance tuning so iBlogger works great over WiFi, 3G, and even Edge networks.

iBlogger from anywhere

Using iBlogger from your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can blog from most anywhere. iBlogger is based on the award winning ecto, the popular blogging client application for the Mac.

Does iBlogger work with my blog?

Almost certainly, yes. iBlogger works with all of the most popular blog systems, and most of the minor ones, too.

iBlogger is compatible with many fine blog engines, including:

  • Blojsom
  • Drupal
  • ExpressionEngine
  • MovableType
  • TypePad
  • WordPress

iBlogger has optimized plugins for these Blog Hosting Services:

  • LifeType
  • LivingDot
  • My.Opera.com
  • SquareSpace
  • TypePad
  • WordPress
  • Xanga
  • Blogger (picture posting for blogs at Blogger will come in a future release)

If it's not listed above, iBlogger may not have been tested with your blog, but should work with most any blog engine so long as you can connect via one of these generic API types:

  • Other MetaWeblog
  • Other MovableType

iBlogger is sexy, too!

— Brian & Julie, of Missoula, Montana, USA

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