iBlogger reviews

There are many good reviews of iBlogger around the web. Here are just a few.

Ars Technica review by David Chartier:
Mini review: iBlogger for iPhone is a jack-of-most-trades

A recent review from a new user. Red's Ramblings v.2 : iBlogger

Blog Herald review by Darnell Clayton:
Blog Herald Review: Is iBlogger The iPhone App We Have Been Waiting For?

A recent review from a new user. Red's Ramblings v.2 : iBlogger

Another new user trying it out for the first time. Morgan's Log : iBlogger Trial

When we make bloggers happy, it makes us happy. iBlogger Rocks! nodeCreative: iBlogger Rocks!

iBlogger firsts

First review from somebody who needed a couple questions answered, and asked for help! Xevious Consulting: iBlogger

Lots of folks are posting with and talking about iBlogger. Here are some of the firsts that came to our attention when we released the initial version to the iTunes App Store.

First blogger to discover how to edit the label on the location link! (Create your post, add the loction link, leave edit mode, then come back into edit mode to edit the HTML label on the link) Ravensbourne blogs : iBlogger is out

First baby picture... so cute! yokata.seesaa.net : iBlogger

Funniest First iBlogger Post ology dot org : iBlogger

First mention of iBlogger in an interview by another cool iPhone developer (Alan Cook of Bad Dog Apps)! AppCraver: Interview with Alan Cook

First "real world" post, not about iBlogger! UP Computer Science Undergraduate Research Blog : Proposal Presentations

First review in a language other than English. We don't know what it says, but it's a beautiful page! iBlogger

First long discussion in comments at a foreign language site. There is a tremendous amount of interest in iBlogger all over the world. Volunteers to help translate iBlogger are welcome!iphoneclub.nl : iBlogger

First doggy! And clearly the cutest doggy to appear in an iBlogger review, so far! Can you beat this? scott.bradach.com : Testing iBlogger for iPhone

First iBlogger story in French! We love French, even though we are not very good at it. Did we mention that volunteers to help us translate iBlogger are welcome?iBlogger

First blogger who created his very first blog post with iBlogger! MTLarch's WebLog: First Post with iBlogger!

First iBlogger reivew from a converted Palm Pilot user (also recovering from TypePad's free blogging client)! Palm-Mac: iBlogger for iPhone

First dual-purpose first-iBlogger post, and comment about Peak Oil! Jazz Hands: my first iPhone blog

First iBlogger post about Chevy Volt! Karl's Yappin' Place : iBlogger

First iBlogger post to reference a polka (about heaven and beer) Dice of Doom Blog: Is this a picture of heaven?

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