ecto (Version 4)
for macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

ecto reviews

There are many good reviews of ecto around the web. Here are some of them.

A recent review from a new user. ecto

A nice dual review of ecto and an RSS reader. Wired: Software That Rocks: Vienna RSS + Ecto

Switching to the Mac, and loves ecto. MobileMind: Applications I loved in 2007

An early review of ecto 3. Tim's Reflection Connection: ecto Rocks

Some of the best reiews come from ordinary non-computer-geek bloggers, like you. Boggled: ecto Rocks!

This might be the funniest ecto endorsement: Technorati doesn't hate me, I'm a moron and ecto rocks

This might be the shortest ecto review ever, but we like it. It's at the top of a very long post, don't miss the ecto review, because the rest of the post is really fun and might distract you. WWdN: In Exile

This is a very old review of an old version of ecto, but ecto has only gotten better since then. codepoetry. We like this review beause at his mirror blog, he killed Kenny. Hopeless Geek