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...ecto works with the most popular blogs and a whole bunch of other blogs, too...
  • create a modern 2-D arcade game,
  • which is as fun to play
  • as it is to lick... uh... look at,
  • and that's as addictive as any game you've ever played

Four! We've set ourselves four goals. (I'll just go out, and come back in.) In other words, our designers were highly motivated to create games that were so much fun to play that we run the risk of crippling our own development team. It was a chance we had to take.

Pricing and Availability

The Infinity Game Pax license is available immediately. The cost is only $19.95 giving you full access to all the features in BabelBloX, HextriX, HoppiX, MarbleX, MnemoniX, RoX and RuniX. Simply choose the Infinity Game PaX licensing option from the registration panel of any one game (or from the web store). After your purchase is confirmed, simply start up any other game in the pack. It's that easy.

ecto is sexy.

— Brian & Julie, of Missoula, Montana, USA