Buy Now!

You can easily purchase a license from directly within the game. (No need to use a web browser, no need to type a long serial number -- our system installs your key for you, automatically when you register.

You can purahse an individual game, or the whole Infinity Game PaX using our secure online system. Data is transmitted using encrypted connections. We don't sell or trade your contact information.

illumineX Registration System

Here's how to buy:

  • Download the games.
  • Copy the games from the DMG (Disk Image) to your /Applications folder (or another folder if you prefer).
  • Launch the game you wish to purchse (or any game if you wish to purchase the entire pack) by double-clicking on a game icon on your hard drive.
  • Click the "Buy Now" button or, from the game menu, select "Register Online Now..."
  • Fill in the form (example shown below), and then press the "Buy License" button, to purchase over our secure connection with your credit card.

Your license will be automatically installed.

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illumineX takes arcade and puzzle games to the next level of computing, and beyond!