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Is there an "upgrade path" for ecto 2 users to ecto 3?

If you have a license to ecto 2, type it and your user name (exactly as shown in your receipt) into ecto 3. Your upgrade to ecto 3 is free. You're welcome!

I lost my ecto license.

If you lose your ecto key, we can look it up in the eSellerate database. Send email to [email protected].

Infinity Game PaX, EyeSpy, and other illumineX Software

In the event that you lose a key on a system you have already registered, (suppose you re-install the software for some reason) you can easily retrieve your key by installing the software, opening the License Registry panel, and pressing the "Retrieve Existing Key" button. If you are connected to the internet, the software will contact our secure server, find your key, and automatically install it for you.

I have purchased the Infinity Game PaX, but where are my games?

All you need to do is download whatever other games you want to play and install them somewhere on the system! It's that easy. More...

What if I updated to a new version of Mac OS X and my games are no longer registered?

This is a problem we have noticed, especially when upgrading to Jaguar - Mac OS X 10.2+ . In effect, we think you have a new computer (even though you don't). So, all that needs to happen is for you to add your computer again (this time with the new host id) to your customer record using iX Connection. Once you have added the new host id, you can open the "License Registry" menu item in the game and press the "Retrieve Existing Key" button. More...

What do I do if I bought a new computer and my license key won't work?

Each computer you want to run any of our games on must have its own registration key. Luckily we make it very easy for you to add the new computer yourself at any time using iX Connection. After you have added your new computer, just open the "License Registry" menu item in the game and press the "Retrieve Existing Key" button. More...

What if my question wasn't answered here?

You can visit our complete FAQ listing here.