iBlogger 3 - Mobile Blogging for iPhone & iPad

iBlogger is a specialized mobile editor for blog posts. iBlogger 3 is an all-new product, built in Swift 5 for iOS 13.

We wanted to build a new foundation for the future of mobile blogging.

iBlogger is a work in progress.

Thousands of real people have been blogging with iBlogger since the launch of the app store.

iBlogger has changed the way they think about blogging. Now we want to change it, again. We hope you'll join us, and help shape this future, by using iBlogger for free, or subscribing to unlock the premium features.

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iBlogger's core text blogging features will always be free, so you'll be able to make sure it works with your blog type, before subscribing. You can even use the free mode as long as you like.

We hope you'll join us on a grand adventure into the future of mobile blogging by using iBlogger and giving us your feedback.

as easy as 1... 2... 3...

...iBlogger works with WordPress.com blogs with more to come.
Let us know what blogs you want to use with iBlogger!

1. see something fun

With iBlogger, wherever you are, you have access to your blog.

2. blog about it!

You can effortlessly post pictures (with captions!) along with your thoughts.

3. there is no "Step 3"


Blogging on-the-go! Thanks to Apple for a great Siri voice transription service. You can create your draft blog post by voice.


Easier than ever to connect securely to your blog with modern OAuth.


Rebuilding from scratch gave us a great opportunity to rethink the nature of iBlogger. Minimalist user experience design places your content creation process front and center!

Advanced CSS integration

iBlogger provides advanced integration with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) so that iBlogger posts can be tailored to any extent desired.

You can look at this CSS template for examples of full styling with CSS (copy the file to your blog as a .css file, or copy the content of the file into your CSS file).

Improved HTML

iBlogger's HTML has been modernized

  • modern HTML5 compliant
  • emitted HTML easily styled via CSS for custom look and feel on your blog

NOTE: Most blog engines re-write the HTML that they receive from remote blog editors, so your milage may vary, but illumineX is doing our part to uphold modern web standards!

All new, from scratch

iBlogger 3 is an all-new product, build from the ground, up, using Apple's newest Swift 5 for iOS and iPadOS

Balance of Simplicity and Power

iBlogger makes mobile blogging as easy as possible, and yet gives you as much power as possible to blog "on the go".

With iBlogger you can compose entries offline for later posting, if you're totally out of network range, on Safari in Africa or in the basement of the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Club in Washington, D.C.

If you have separate blogs for your Jazz and exotic animal quests, no problem. You can have as many as you want.

iBlogger is the best way to blog!

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iBlogger 3 works with WordPress blogs

If you would like iBlogger 3 to work other blogs platforms, let us know. Here are a few of the blogs on our radar:

iPhone and iPad

iBlogger works great with iPhone and iPad.

iBlogger from anywhere

Using iBlogger from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can blog from most anywhere.

Does iBlogger work with my blog?

iBlogger 3 is currently compatible with the most popular blogging platform, WordPress.com blogs.

Compatibility with other blog platforms will be added in coming months, so keep an eye out for updates!

Let us know what blog platforms you're using.

iBlogger is sexy, too!

— Brian & Julie, of Missoula, Montana, USA

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iBlogger 3 is available now, for iPhone and iPad on  App Store!

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